How being a night owl may be destroying you

sleep problemsThe principles of nature are always wise and farsighted. Man himself is full of intellect and wisdom, yet this intellect is governed by nature. The physical and mental coordination of human body is perfect, but it is dependent upon an organized way of living and maintaining the health. Despite of the clear knowledge about the needs and demands of human body, man has been ignorant about his health and bodily requirements. This is where psychologists come in. Some cultures do not take mental health issues seriously but in western cultures, this is a topic not taken lightly.

In our quest to maintain the pace with this challenging and competitive world, we sometimes ignore our physical being and keep on putting efforts, which may be even beyond the level of human body. The economic and financial pressures are expanding with every passing day. So the life trends have become fast and furious. Although the human development is not without benefits and advantages yet it is also harming many basic rights of human body. Man is progressing and his health is declining day by day. No matter how much advanced, the technology may be, yet there is no other alternative to human health. No machine or robot can take place of your body functions.

One major disadvantage for leading an extra challenging life is its effect on mental health and well being.

After my early years of business graduation, I was searching for a job. After the initial few months of my struggle, one of my friends gave me the advice to use my talents in the arena of entrepreneurship. My academic background has been the same, yet I was just avoiding the risks. But the few months of job search gave me a clear indication of tight and competitive labor market.

So I was convinced to start my own consultation agency for small and medium business. But it was not as simple as written. With a small initial investment, setting up the business was quite challenging. So not only the mental but my physical strengths were needed. I remember the first year of my consultation agency when I used to spend all day and night in front of personal computer, sorting and aligning things.

It took me one whole year to get the things streamlined and according to the needs of the business. During this time, I spent many nights in travelling. Even when I was not out of station, I was having some meeting with my investors, or potential clients. Some nights were spent in forming the project reports, making the changes and sending to clients.

The result of this entire struggle is surely encouraging. I am now having a well reputed business consultation agency. The return on investment has been marvelous. I have established repute in the market for having innovative and creative solutions. But this is only one side of the picture. The other side needs to be discussed, for the sake of benefit of all those who are on their way towards this same struggle.

The other side is filled with gaps. The habit of being the night owl, whatever the reason may be, has resulted into the condition of being insomniac. The human body is quite flexible. The way we deal with it, it gets used to it. In the initial days of my entrepreneurial struggle when I had to stay awake till late at night, I had very much difficulty. It was because my body was not used to it. I had to struggle in keeping myself up all night. It disturbed my sleeping cycles as there was no routine for sleeping. After a few months staying up late was no problem. My body got addicted to it. But eventually the result was insomnia.

Insomnia is a condition where a person is unable to take regular and natural sleep. Insomnia may also result in frequent breaks in a continuous sleep, when a person wakes up several times during night. After waking up the body feels tired and drowsy. Although insomnia can be due to many different reasons, but one major reason is to disturb one’s sleeping cycle and staying up late at night. Being a night owl may be helpful for your work life but your body gets ruined.

The Circardian rhythm or commonly known as human biological cycle is tuned to the natural cycle of day and night. So in the natural routine we feel a need to sleep when we encounter night. When we get used to staying up late at night, then body functions and internal cycles are disturbed and the results are devastating. The person may encounter physical or mental disorders. Same had been my case, when initially I was very happy to see me awake all day but when it came to my physical health I was in a miserable condition. Eventually my wife’s friend advised me to visit a physician.

Although insomnia is curable, the best thing is to avoid it. Do not intervene in the natural and biological cycles. Schedule your routine in such a way that all your tasks are completed within the day time and you can evenly distribute your professional and personal life. It will give you mental and physical; relaxation and you may not need to get worried about insomnia. I am also under the treatment for insomnia, but it has affected each and every aspect of my life. My physical health has disturbed, my patience level has dropped much and I feel a drastic change in my personality with excessive mood swings. So despite of taking it for granted and then rushing to a physician or medical specialist it is better to monitor your sleep patterns. Human body needs a perfect balance of work and rest. In the first few months being a night owl may benefit you professionally or even financially, but turning the page and going ahead will make you encounter a miserable story of your physical and mental health. It is better to be preventive and careful about your valuable and priceless health.

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